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Where have I been?

Most of the time my usual weekly routing involves a couple of evenings doing various things, and weekends with a chance to relax or catch up on that ever-growing list of household tasks.

There are also times when the other things I get involved with all happen at the same time.  That’s sods law I suppose, but to be honest I wouldn’t have it any other way.  The last four weeks was just like that!

So what happened over and above the usual stuff I did over the last four weeks?  Here we go:

  • I continued my RideLondon training, going on rides ranging from 15 to 65 miles. This takes up a surprising amount of time – often up to four hours per ride (with the odd coffee stop here or there, of course).
  • Designing and operating sound for the excellent BAWDS production of One Man Two Guvnors at the ADC Theatre in Cambridge.  Poof!! There goes three weeks!
  • End of term activities and trips with Jill’s Girlguiding units.
  • My birthday – Happy Birthday to me.
  • A short getaway to the Cotswolds to try out my legs on hilly cycling routes.
  • The real RideLondon 100 event, which was awesome by the way (a blog is coming about that!)

As a result I haven’t had that much time do any blog posts over the course of the last four weeks, so this place has looked a bit bare and unloved.  Sorry about that, but rest assured that I’m now firmly back on the blogging wagon!

Speak soon.

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