RideLondon Training Week 3 – Gardening injury!

Week 3 is when the rides start to ramp up a bit and you spend a little more time on the bike. That is great in principle as it gives you a good chance to see how your legs are feeling over some longer distances, but can easily be kiboshed when you injure your back doing a simple thing like moving some compost in the garden . . .

This weeks training plan & rides

Week 3 plan

My standard loop to Landbeach and back:

A route including Twenty Pence Lane and the lumpy bits around Haddenham – the headwind got in the way of what would’ve been a fast ride!

St.Ives then back via Bluntisham and Earith – fast becoming one of my favourite routes:

This week’s stats:

I was aiming for the full 4 sessions this week, but a 70 litre bag of compost put pay to that on Saturday when I ended up pulling some lower-back muscles and had to miss out on my Sunday ride. #sadface.  Previous experience has told me that it’s better to recover for a couple of days following injury so you can get back to training quicker, rather than try and cycle with a knackered back – so that’s precisely what I did.

This week Cumulative
Distance 58.2miles 168.2miles
Time 3h29 13h29
Elevation 659ft 2141ft

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