Sound for One Night In November (but in April)

Lately I’ve spent a bugger load of time putting together the sound design for the Bawds spring production of ONE NIGHT IN NOVEMBER, which is currently (at the time of writing) at the ADC Theatre in Cambridge.

Following the story of one family’s harrowing experience of the Coventry Blitz, the play examines the idea that Winston Churchill had advance warning of the attack.  Was Coventry sacrificed for the greater good? Or to provoke and hasten America’s entry into the war?

It’s an interesting piece – not only for the recurring conspiracy theories floating around in the subtext, but also because it has presented me with the most technically challenging play I have ever been involved with.  Along with the usual telephone and vehicle effects (which are par-for-the-course in most productions),  most of the second act involves the bombing of Coventry, so I have needed to put multiple complex bombing sequences together that are linked to midi cues which, in turn, trigger lighting cues for explosions. Oh, and projection. Continue Reading