RideLondon Training Weeks 6-7 – Catching up

It’s been a busy few weeks, so this post aims to catch up on the weeks where I’ve been unable to post anything due to other commitments …

Week 6 started off looking really positive – I was insistent that I was going to fit in all four planned rides for the first time, but my body had other ideas.

Week 6 of the training plan

Cycling with a chesty cough is never recommended but to be fair I didn’t even notice I had one until my legs just gave up 3 miles into a 35 mile ride. This is where enforced rest off the bike helps you recover and means you don’t wear yourself out and do some longer-lasting damage. Although it was a bit disappointing to not meet my first full week of rides, I still managed to do a fair bit to keep the legs and heart ticking over.

Week 7 was also a little tricky because I was away in Manchester for work, so it meant I had to restructure some of my rides to fit in around travel and other stuff I couldn’t do due to being away.

Week 7 training rides

The bike also needed some TLC so I spent a fair bit of time giving it a clean to make it all shiny and new again.  I also fitted some Continental GP II 4000 tyres that everyone raves about and I can see why – they are amazing!

Week 6 and 7’s rides

Some Zwift action because the weather outside was shocking:

A ride that showed my heart rate monitor was malfunctioning – either that or I was dead. Plus to top it off I punctured in the last mile:

The chesty cough and legs full of lead ride. Still, I managed 20 miles:

A ride that saw me collect my train tickets for Manchester:

Jill had the car, so I had to go home on the hybrid bike instead:

Finally, a ride around the outskirts of Cambridge to round off the two weeks:

Week 6 and 7 stats:

Weeks 6 & 7 Cumulative
Distance 121.9miles / 196.2km 382.3miles / 615.2km
Time 7h19 26h12
Elevation 2109ft 5549ft

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