RideLondon Training – Week 2 Review

Much better weather last week so I was able to get out each day.  Week 2 is basically the same as week 1 – so 1 hour a day over 4 days, with rest days in between.

I’ve worked on quite a few routes that help keep the training interesting and varied, plus when it’s blowing a hoolie it means I can choose a route that involves an outward route into the wind, and a return leg with the wind on my back.

This weeks training plan & rides

Training Week 2
Week 2 plan

This is a nice route to Landbeach.  The only squeeky-bum moment is the short section on the A10 between Landbeach and Milton, which can’t be avoided if I’m to stand any chance of getting home a different way:

I love the fact the guided busway is nearby and I can hop on and off as I want.  It’s a great surface to cycle on, but when there’s wind it’s bloody horrible.  This route went through the centre of St Ives:

A good little loop involving some small local inclines to help test the legs:

And finally a walking challenge involving 5 pubs.  It was exercise, honest:

5 Pub Challenge
I got a certificate and everything.

Week 2 Stats

I lost 1 cycling day this week to a ‘5 Pub Challenge’ walk which involved walking 12 miles between 5 different pubs around some of my local villages – all in aid of Over Day Centre.  Since it was definitely exercise I’m going to add this to the totals as a replacement for my lost cycling!  It will bloat the time figure but this is offset by the different in distance which I’ll make up over the coming weeks:

This week Cumulative Target (+/- diff)
Distance 60.4miles 110.7miles 120miles (-9.3miles)
Time 6h49 10h00 8h00 (+2h00)

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