The Great British (Halloween) Bake-Off

At work we are particularly good at a sweepstake.  Usually this involves picking a team out of a hat and waiting patiently for an inordinate amount of time until you either win or lose.  Not here.  Here we spend an inordinate amount of time making up extra rules and finding a way of making food enter the equation.

So here I am; baking for our work Bake-Off sweepstake because my baker (Andrew) lost in the final. Continue Reading

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Where have I been?

Most of the time my usual weekly routing involves a couple of evenings doing various things, and weekends with a chance to relax or catch up on that ever-growing list of household tasks.

There are also times when the other things I get involved with all happen at the same time.  That’s sods law I suppose, but to be honest I wouldn’t have it any other way.  The last four weeks was just like that! Continue Reading